Getting Started

To get started on first create your profile at the top right hand corner of the site.

After you have created a profile you will receive a password to access the site. With the password you can login and add your locations or start booking locations.

You can also start scouting spaces: if you find a location we don’t have in our library of content you will get credit when we upload the location successfully as a new location. Scouting credits can be used to make new bookings.

On the events page you can find events that are featured in our special locations and book them.


Tips for Hosting

Hosts are responsible for making sure that everything that has been agreed with a user (use of beamer, flip over, coffee, tea, etc) is available at the premises. Host is also responsible to hand over the key or make sure someone is at the premises to let the users in.

Users are responsible to take care of the Space. In case of damage, the User can be charged. If there is a dispute over the damage, Spacialties can get involved. In no instance can Spacialties be held accountable for damage by the User. To prevent misunderstandings it is recommended that the Host appoints someone (either a manager or a User) to keep an eye on the Space during use.

User is responsible to hand back the key and make sure the Space is returned in good shape. Cleaning responsibilities are by mutual consent.


Tips for Guests

When booking a space make sure you fill in all requirements (beamer, flip over, coffee/tea) on the form. Also be clear about your seating arrangement and number of guests. If you have any other special requirements, such as marketing of your event or advance booking of new locations, please contact

A reservation is a request for a reservation until the host has accepted your booking. Terms & Conditions apply to the booking process as well as to the use of the Space. is not reliable for the services provided by the host: if the host fails to deliver what has been agreed, please contact the host on the premises. If this is not possible, Spacialties will try to solve the issue.

Users are responsible for the space at the time of the lease. If someone of the Users damages any part of the Space, the User can be held accountable by the host. Spacialties can act as an intermediate in case of a dispute.